Leadership Team

Jim Paul - Elder

Jim and his wife Becky have been married for 37 years and they have three children. Jim shares the preaching as well as teaching duties. Becky teaches as well as plays the keyboard.

John Stoner - Elder

John and his wife Nancy have been married for 43 years and they have five children. John shares the preaching duties as well as teaching on Wednesday nights. Nancy publishes our bulletin every week, helps with the children and more.

Phil Stoner - Elder

Phil and his wife Penny have been married for 36 years and they have five children. Phil shares the teaching and preaching duties. He also oversees Children's Church. Penny leads the "Book Club", helps with the children and teaches when needed.

Justin Coffin - Evangelist

Justin and his wife Sheena have been married for 18 years and they have four children. Justin joined the staff at STCOC in March 2013.

Justin does the majority of the preaching. Sheena plays the keyboard in our praise band and helps out with children's church.