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What is a Partner in Prevention?

(and why we are proud to be one!)

A Partner in Prevention is an organization or business that has committed the time and effort to educate themselves on how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

Children Embracing in Circle

At STCOC the safety of children is of the utmost importance. Since this is such a priority for us we decided to receive training through Darkness to Light - a class called Stewards of Children. The Partner in Prevention designation means:

  • All* current employees and volunteers have been trained using Stewards of Children®, AND

  • Background checks are completed for all employees and volunteers, AND

  • STCOC requires that situations where one adult is alone with one child, be observable and interruptible

*All: 90% or more of employees and volunteers who interact with youth
We are proud to be a Partner in Prevention as it demonstrates that not only do we believe children should be protected - we are willing to invest our time and energy into keeping them safe. We are willing to make changes to our policies and procedures to ensure safety for those who are vulnerable. This designation also shows our commitment to transparency, and we hope that if you have any questions or concerns regarding safety  you will bring it up to a member of the Leadership Team.
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