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Church in santiago, cuba


Cuba cars.jpg

Over the past few years STCOC has helped a church located on the island of Cuba. The Iglesia de Cristo En Santiago, Cuba is a church that is growing and they have a young minister, Arliandis, who loves the Lord.

As you probably already know, Cuba is only 90 miles off the coast of Florida. The 1959 Cuban Revolution and the beginning of the Cold War led to Fidel Castro placing an embargo on the United States and foreign imports, which meant that no American cars were exported to the island. In 2016, Fidel’s brother Raul, lifted the embargo and new cars are once again flowing into Cuba. The problem is the cost. With the average Cuban citizen earning around $20 a month, it is unlikely that new imported cars are going to be part of a buying boom and so you still see these vintage cars on the streets of Cuba today.

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