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Welcome to our media page. This page contains our sermon player and any other interesting media that we might want to share. If a video that is played during a sermon is requested over and over, we might put it on this page.

To find a sermon, you can simply scroll through and view the titles and speakers. You also have the ability to search by speaker, series, scripture or event. To search, click on button underneath the episodes.

To listen to a sermon, click on the title, then click play. If you are interested in downloading the file to burn a CD, add it to your iPod or MP3 player or similar, click on the title, then click the "media menu" underneath the player. You can choose to download the audio from there.

Some of the sermons and classes will have PDF attachments to go along with the sermon. You may download those from the media menu as well.

You also have the option to podcast all of our sermons and classes and instantly add any new content, by click on the "subscribe" button.

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