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T-Shirt Contest

It has been four years since we have designed or printed church shirts.

The 1st design will be a shirt for the church to wear in general.

The 2nd design will be to wear at events that would designate who is in charge or could have questions asked to.

The vote is open and will close at end of day Sunday, June 5th.

Once the two designs are chosen, we will be able to obtain quotes and start collecting orders.

The total cost of the shirts will be determined by the total number of ink colors per side, total sides of print and total number of shirts ordered.


We plan to use a high-quality fabric for each of the shirts. Each design will be able to be printed on a short-sleeved t-shirt, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and a hoodie. Obviously, the cost for each will vary. Once the design is selected, before we start collecting orders, we will clarify what all of the options will be and their cost. As a part of the order process, there will be a mockup of what the design will look like on a shirt.


If you have any questions about the voting/selection process, please talk to Justin.

Below will be a thumbnail of each option. If you click on the picture, it will enlarge and let you get a bigger look at the design. At the bottom of the page is the form to vote for the 2 designs. The vote will be open until the end of day on Sunday, June 5th. The images on the voting form are not enlargeable. There are a few of the designed that were not designed by anyone in the church, yet. Those will say "This is a screenshot of an idea. If this design is chosen, we will have to design to avoid copyright." If one of those designed are chosen, the end design will look a little bit different as a result.

Below are the options for the "general" shirt design:

Love God - 2 tones - both2.jpg
BearFruit-2 tones both2.jpg
Love God grey2.jpg
Bear Fruit - dark2.jpg
Bear Fruit - dark.jpg
Love God - 2 tones - both.jpg
BearFruit-2 tones both.jpg
Rooted - 4up.jpg
Love God grey.jpg
Love God dark2.jpg
Love God dark.jpg
be the salt.png

Below the options for the "event" shirt design. One of the suggestions was that we would not have a separate shirt, but rather use an armband, lanyard or hat that indicates who the "staff" are.

Bear Fruit - Volunteergrey2.jpg
Love God - Volunteerdark2.jpg
Love God - Volunteergrey2.jpg
Bear Fruit - Volunteerdark.jpg
Bear Fruit - Volunteergrey.jpg
Bear Fruit - Volunteerdark2.jpg
Bear Fruit - Volunteer2.jpg
Love God - Volunteerdark.jpg
Bear Fruit - Volunteer.jpg
Love God - Volunteer2tone2.jpg
Love God - Volunteergrey.jpg
Love God - Volunteer2tone.jpg
lanyard and armband.jpg
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